How to use Pinterest for your Business – show #99

by Carla Wilson and Mary Motz on April 25, 2013

Co-host Social Media Consultant, Jeff Tincher of 610 Digital, will discuss using Pinterest for your business.


On today’s show, guest co-host Jeff Tincher and I discuss social marketing best practices for businesses during a tragedy. This week’s unfortunate Boston Marathon bombings proved to everyone that another business system needs to be implemented: if tragedy strikes, be prepared to respond (or not!) appropriately in marketing efforts. We will discuss suggestions from our online research and colleagues.

Here is a link to the post on SocialMediaToday by Steve Shattuck that got us thinking about best practices to consider – like immediately disabling scheduled posts / emails, alert employees, alert followers if appropriate, and post condolences if appropriate. Know that sometimes silence is perfectly acceptable depending on your brand.

Our colleague, Coreen Tossona had these suggestions:
1. Don’t tweet “facts” as you hear them, tweet them after they’ve been confirmed. Even then you may want to wait a bit.
2. Keep comments positive and supportive and try to keep emotion out of it – especially if the emotion you’re feeling is anger.
3. Be helpful. The #BostonHelp tag became a place for people to post opportunities for food and lodging.

What suggestions would you offer to companies when considering best practices for marketing during a tragedy? We would love to hear your comments below.


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