Online Biz Insiders (OBI) – episode 40 – Hootsuite review

by Carla Wilson and Mary Motz on October 25, 2011


In this episode of Online Biz Insiders, Mary and I discuss the use of Hootsuite to manage social media streams.  Mary recently graduated from HSU (Hootsuite University), and I thought it would be a great opportunity to discuss this great resource.

Hootsuite is something I discovered about 2 years ago (after chatting with Mary, of course!).  I’d been using Twitter for a while, but as my follower list grew, so did my difficulty in following the conversation streams.  Enter Hootsuite – a “Social Media Dashboard.”  I could organize my tweeps into lists and view the conversations accordingly.

As Mary explains so eloquently in our discussion, you set up a Hootsuite account, and then within your account setup your Social Media network streams.  This includes all your Big 3 (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), and streams.  In one place. Brilliant!

Some of the best features of Hootsuite include Team Collaboration, the ability to schedule out your tweets/post with a Calendar feature, reports and analytics on your links.  And of course you can have mobile access with your Android or iPhone.

There are both free accounts and Pro accounts.  Even as a paid resource, $6 per month is not bad to be able to manage and schedule your social media interactions in one place.

What are your favorite features about Hootsuite?  Maybe you use something different like TweetDeck.  We’d love to hear from you.  Please comment below.

(Disclaimer:  Mary and I make recommendations based our experiences with online resources.  Please know that links in our posts are potentially affiliate links – meaning we may make a commission.)

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