AwayFind – Mary’s new resource du jour – Ep. 52 – Online Biz Insiders podcast

by Carla Wilson and Mary Motz on February 21, 2012


In this episode of Online Biz Insiders, Mary talks about a new email management system she discovered called AwayFind.

As small business owners, we know we must time block our activities to keep at our most productive state.  Staying productive means not having email open all day long, it means checking email only 2-3 times per day.

Of course we aren’t suggesting that you ignore potentially urgent messages that may arrive in between your designated email management times.  And this is where AwayFind fills that gap.

AwayFind is an email tool that allows you to control which messages are urgent.

For example, you explain to your clients that you check emails at 10am and 4pm, but outside those times if an email is urgent, then direct them to put the word “urgent” in the subject line of the email.  Using the AwayFind settings, if an email marked ‘urgent’ arrives, then it “finds you where you are” to tell you there’s an urgent message.  To “find you where you are” may mean an instant message, a Tweet, an email, a voice message or a text – whatever you designate as your preference.

The word ‘Urgent’ the only flag-able word.  For instance, if you use Gmail and AwayFind together, you are able to designate a specific topic important for a certain number of days.

Mary explained that there is a free option, but the paid version is working best for her.  The pricing is $5 per month, but is more if you use Google Apps.

Have you used AwayFind.  Do you love it or hate it?  We’d love to hear your feedback below.

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