Video Marketing Without a Camera – Ep. 54 – Online Biz Insiders podcast

by Carla Wilson and Mary Motz on March 16, 2012


In today’s episode, I review several options for creating business videos without the use of a camera.

When most folks think of video marketing, the first thing they think of is YouTube – and rightfully so.  It’s the second-largest search engine.  And, they just recently announced that 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.  Crazy stats!

Probably the next thing that people think of when I suggest video marketing for their small business is that they need to be on camera.  How intimidating!  I’m here to tell you there’s another way – several other ways – to create videos without a camera.

My company recently produced a video for my son’s school.  It’s a mix of text slides, live video footage we shot of some students, and still images.  Because of the nature of the subject (the video outlines the school’s Mission Statement), we included video of kids on camera.  But another subject wouldn’t necessarily warrant the use of live video.  Take a look here:

My suggestions include recording a voice over for a series of slides that describe your featured product – or, images married with text and music.  A training video.   It may take a bit of creativity, but video marketing without a camera is definitely possible.

Do you use video marketing in your business?  If so, what kind?  If you have questions about video marketing feel free to email us for some advice!





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